Your network is the greatest asset in advertising.

The price of consumer broadband is perpetually free falling, charging consumers for network access as a business is not sustainable. New business models are required for network owners to recoup investments. Advertising and sponsored contents are the proven business models that power the greater internet as we know it today. We believe the same models will apply to network access in years to come.

Your network is a huge digital billboard! Kakku gives you the ability to insert intelligent, targeted ads and contents into your network users’ browsing sessions. It is your network, you control the ads and contents that go into it, and you monetise it.

We provide the simplest tools for you, your clients, advertisers and affiliates to publish ads and contents. With our advertising tools, programmatic advertising is no longer the privilege luxury of big brands and media agencies. Small businesses and mini advertisers can now compete and bid against the big brands on the internet world stage!

Kakku is engagement, locations and promotions for your customers

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The Art of Insertion

Refreshing, Relevant, Attractive, and Useful

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Increasing the stickiness between customers and your business.



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Content insertion over WiFi service bundle


Network that speaks your language

To speak your customers language is the most sincere and effective way to sell. Multi-language content insertion helps venues greatly improve customer engagement with tourists on free Wi-Fi.

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Your Network, Your Ads

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